Who We are?

Strugence Benevolent Foundation "not for profit" organization formed to focus on welfare of less privileged the needs of society through community development programs. Our vision is to create sustainable models in social programs that create a long term impact in the society. We do so by empowering people by way of education, health and sustainable livelihood generation programs that is built around green environment. We believe in the philosophy of Social Returns along with financial returns to bring sustainability to the programs.

What We Do? - Focus Areas

  • Rural Health Care: Healing the heels of India
  • Clean drinking water for rural and urban poor
  • Green energy in urban and rural areas by way of solar projects
  • Tree plantation and Afforestation
  • School sanitation
  • Urban health for poor
  • Heritage site restoration and promoting livelihood in surrounding area
  • Education for disabled population, slum and poor kids
  • Watershed for draught hit areas

Strugence Ashray Fund

Strugence Ashray Fund is a SEBI registered category 1 Social Venture Fund. The Fund is managed by socially motivated professionals who wish to make a difference in the life of underprivileged citizens of this country in the most sustainable manner. The fund has a team of social sector specialists with domain expertise, who have guided efforts for meaningful and sustainable CSR deployment in the past.

The Fund is targeting to impact over 22 million underprivileged lives in the following manner over fund life:

  • Affordable Housing & Slum Area Development : Provision of over 28,800 houses, impacting 170,000 lower income group population
  • Solar Power for rural India : 100,000 rural homes to be provided with solar power, impacting 6,00,000 rural population and resulting elimination of 17550 MT tones of carbon dioxide gases
  • Potable Water : Facilitating the supply of potable water to rural, urban and semi urban underprivileged classes of population providing over 3.5 Bn liters of water to over 2 million people
  • Education & Skill Development : Providing education and facilitating skill development of 75,000 adults every year over the Fund life enhancing livelihood of over 7.5 million people
  • Healthcare : Provide solar power to 500 primary health care centre to impact 10 million people and 42 mobile clinics to provide healthcare to over 1 million people
  • Sanitation : 25,000 zero discharge toilets to impact over 1 million people
  • Environment : 2 million Tree plantation for a green world eliminating 84 MT of Carbon Dioxide
  • Heritage : Protection and preservation of heritage sites

The aforesaid programs will also additionally generate employment of 19 million man-days. The fund will help bring approx. 1 million populations as part of Financial Inclusion.

The Fund team believes that in order to bring social changes one needs a long term vision along with financial and organizational commitment in the selected areas of intervention with close monitoring and evaluation at appropriate stages of implementation and that is what this Fund aims to achieve.

Our Partners

HFCL Noble Ideas IRCON INFRASTRUCTURE & SERVICES LTD Castrol Crompton Greaves Limited